Interdisciplinary Research Grants: CALL FOR APPLICATIONS


The Deanship of Scientific Research, Qassim University, is pleased to announce that applications for Deanship-funded Interdisciplinary Research Grants are NOW OPEN until 25-05-1440 AH/ 31-01-2019

Applications must be submitted electronically via the Deanship Research Tracking Management System RTMS, prior to which going through the Grants Terms and Conditions carefully is highly recommended.

Important Steps to consider while applying for the said grants:

  1. Download the grant proposal Form, the link for which is provided below.
  2. Do not click "save" and "send" until you have done the needful in RTMS:
  • Uploading the research proposal file after filling up the form, paying greater attention to the portion given in red.
  •  Entering the research team data.  
  • Providing the project time frame.
  • Entering the proposed detailed budget.


To view the grants terms and conditionsclick here

To submit research proposals, click here 

To download the grant proposal Form,  click here


For technical inquiries

Email: or

Ext. 1417


19:19 PM